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Earn Your Feast

Posted by Emily Sample on November 24, 2014 No responses

ThanksgiWorkoutving is upon us and between the pies and plane rides it can be difficult to stay active during this holiday season. A plethora of family obligations, work events, and last minute shopping puts the gym at the bottom of the totem pole, if you go at all. Not this year! There are exactly 5 weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day to pack in the workouts, not pack on the pounds. So this Thursday break out the stretchy pants for your workout—not your dinner.

Get Active.  While your calendar is out preparing your  holiday to-do list go ahead and pencil in a Spin Class. Spinning is an excellent way to strengthen your heart and tone your legs. Aside from gaining energy, you also have the opportunity to burn 500 calories in a single class. That is the equivalent to one piece of pumpkin pie!

Grab a partner. The holiday season is about having fun, making memories and enjoying family. Having a workout partner can make any workout easier and less boring. I recommend heading to Triple Creek Park for a quick jog. Make sure to dress in layers and wear lightweight, breathable clothing that won’t restrict your movement.  That thick piece of Grandma’s ham at about 300 calories has just been eliminated.

Go Golfing. Long Hollow Golf Course is open throughout the holiday season with discounted rates, and when your body is fighting to keep up its core temperature, you will burn extra calories. Want to burn even more calories? Instead of taking a golf cart you can walk to each hole—it will also keep you warmer! So your turkey with a dollop of cranberry sauce and stuffing at 600 calories has vanished.

Swim. Did you know we have a lap pool at the Gallatin Civic Center? Swimming just 20 minutes burns 250 calories! The mashed potatoes and gravy you indulged in will be gone! Swimming also has a multitude of other benefits including: improved flexibility, a healthier heart, weight control and even decreased stress levels!

Set Goals. Make a plan for exactly what you would like to improve on. For example “I want to lose weight” is too general. Instead, try “I would like to lose 10 pounds in increments of one pound per week.” Specific goals are much easier to reach!


Remember whether you are working out in the gym or in the outdoors, there will always be something you can do to stay active.



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