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gallatin tennisGive yourself a pat on the back.

According to countyhealthrankings.org, Sumner is the third healthiest county in Tennessee. Considering there are 95 counties total, we’re doin’ pretty well. Okay. Enough patting. Save some pats for when we claim first place next year. That’s right. After digging a bit deeper into how these rankings are determined, I’m convinced we can increase our health ranking if we work together. How? We’ll start with the low hanging fruit—the category that’s easiest to pick and take home. You see, to determine county health standings, the folks at countyhealthrankings.com analyze four primary health factors: 1.) Clinical care 2.) Social and economic 3.) Physical environment and 4.) Health behaviors. Although we fare pretty well in each category, we perform our best in the health behaviors classification—we currently hold the second place slot. From our runner-up vantage point, that first place slot is there for the pickin’—it’s our low hanging fruit! Plus, Gallatin Leisure Services (GLS) has been cultivating health and wellness resources that will nourish Gallatin residents as we focus on improving our personal health behaviors in an effort to decrease obesity, physical inactivity and percent of population without access to exercise opportunities—all factors that determine a county’s official health behaviors ranking. What are these GLS health and wellness resources I speak of? I’m glad you asked. Newsletter. Envision health recipes, nutrition information and personal-trainer-recommended workouts appearing in your inbox monthly. Imagine having all that, and more, for FREE. That would be pretty exciting, huh? Well, your vision is a reality. All you have to do is sign up for GLS’s monthly newsletter. To subscribe, click the “Email Newsletter Signup” button on our homepage (gallatinLS.com) or email gls@gallatin-tn.gov and write, “Add me to your amazing monthly newsletter list ASAP!” Website. We just unveiled our new website—gallatinLS.com. You’re just one click away from our Recreation tab, which is packed with active-lifestyle-inspiring information like sports league signups, charity run news and exciting activity alerts to events like Yoga in the Park. Another click and you’ll find our Gallatin Civic Center tab, which will keep you in the loop on all GCC group fitness classes. While you’re at it, don’t forget to click on the Parks tab. There, you’ll discover Gallatin’s best mountain biking trails, running tracks and tennis courts. Social media. If you haven’t liked Gallatin Leisure Services on Facebook yet, you’ve been missing out on health and fitness inspiration, GLS event reminders and parks and recreation updates. The good news is, it’s not too late. Like us today! While you’re at it, make sure ya follow us on Twitter—@GallatinLS. And remember, social media is social—socialize with us. We love to hear your thoughts, tips and stories. *Originally published in the Gallatin News. 

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