World Class Walking and Bike Trails

The City of Gallatin has developed a master plan for Greenways, walking tracks and bike trails throughout the city.

The system currently includes a 4-mile track beginning at the Gallatin Civic Center and connecting to Triple Creek Park, winding its way through the park to its entrance on E. Broadway. Just inside the entrance to Triple Creek Park is an area called Mapleshade Rest which was donated to the City by volunteers in conjunction with Earth Day.

Woman walking down Greenway

The Triple Creek walking track then connects to the Town Creek Greenway. The Greenway runs along Town Creek, looping under E. Broadway, and continuing along Town Creek into Gallatin’s Historic Woodson Terrace neighborhood. Accesses to the Greenway include the entrance to Triple Creek Park, Bentley Circle, Barton Drive, Perrolee Street or Wilmore Street. There is also a trailhead with parking on E. Broadway where the businesses end near Tennessee Hardware.

Greenway Bridge






In the summer of 2015, the City will began construction of the last section of Town Creek Greenway. This section will continue from Wilmore Street along the creek to N. Water Avenue eventually ending at the Farmers Market. This last section will include another trailhead with parking on College Street. Once complete, the Town Creek Greenway will stretch approximately two miles.

To see a map of the Greenway, click here.